Your team is one of the key investments in ensuring your assets are leveraged for their peak performance.  So make sure that they are provided with the skills and knowledge that they need to operate and maintain your assets at their peak efficiency. McHale Performance has conducted heat rate improvement and power plant performance monitoring courses for plant performance engineers and operators.  McHale Performance will customize our courses to best suite your unique needs and to cover the particulars of your assets.

Some typical training topics include:

  • Performance Testing
  • Uncertainty
  • Basic thermodynamics
  • Plant thermodynamic design cycle
  • Plant efficiency and losses
  • Impact of operational parameters on heat rate and efficiency
  • Individual component performance
  • Review of test codes, instrumentation, methodology and calculations
  • Sample problems
  • Plant Performance Modeling
  • Differences between ASME, ISO, and DIN Standards

Classroom and Hands-On Operator Training:

  • Typically two days of classroom sessions to discuss course content
  • Plant lineup walk down
  • Identify sources of thermal losses
  • Observe plant operations
  • Controllable losses

One on One Engineer Training:

  • Review cycle heat balances, thermal kit and other component performance de-sign information
  • Review component and overall plant testing, plant and performance testing instrumentation, data requirements, test model inputs/outputs, and sensitivity of results to variations in operational parameters.


  • Results of the training program
  • Client feedback
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